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Recently, I started writing something in the shape of a book. I didn’t know its title but I described it to people as The Meaning Of Baseball In 18ish Fun Facts. This book-shaped project progressed and I found that I loved it. I think it’s my best writing.

I also think it would be best enjoyed serially, rather than in a book format. So the plan is to publish one “chapter” every couple weeks. In between those chapters I’ll be writing lots of other stuff here, the sort of writing I did at Baseball Prospectus and ESPN, the sort of topics I brought to Effectively Wild. In all, I’m aiming for ~ two posts a week, but we’re early, and what this turns into depends on what works and how well it works and what I get inspired to do and what I find I’m capable of. (I do already have a Season 2 in mind for next year, with a similar format—book-length structure, but told serially—but a very different subject. If this works.)

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Sam Miller 

Former: Editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus, co-host of Effectively Wild podcast, co-author of The Only Rule Is It Has To Work, baseball columnist for ESPN.